Non-Expansion Quests

Just a couple so far will add more later

First set of Quests everyone should do first!

First read Leah's Starter guide.

Leah's picture guide to quests....a must click on before you start the rest.

Faction Quest - Turning Lotorian
- By: Flubber

turning Lotarian 
talk to lotarian faction officer in lsp castle 
talk claricia florence in parian, by north bank 
find shoddum beast cutter just north of parian/lsp portal 
talk claricia florence in parian, by north bank 
talk to mcfisto in jeel 
find basilia the shadow outside jeel s- south of farmland 
talk to mcfisto in jeel 
find 3 guards in jeel with names = cornwall - iago - edmund 
talk to mcfisto in jeel 
talk to fitz in silvest in guardhouse by spawngate 
kill 20 talazarian spies west of silvest 
talk to fitz in silvest in guardhouse by spawngate 
talk to lotarian faction officer in lsp castle 

Faction Quest - Turning Neutral
-By: Flubber

turning neutral 
talk to neutral faction officer, by brew tm at lsp 
talk to *redeemer at the abbey west of parian 
answers: i am but a vesssel - lotor is the true ruler and saviour of dransik - i was blinded by the cause, ignoring all else 
find the relief fund box in the abbey and donate .... blue altar in lower right room 
talk to *redeemer again - travel to lsp, seek out memorial to lost sons and pray for cleansing 
talk to sombre spirit in lsp garden, west of castle - wait 3522 seconds (varies) in garden (hes only there at night) 
click statue to check time left 
tak to spirit again 
talk to *redeemer at the abbey west of parian 
talk to neutral faction officer, by brew taskmaster at lsp 

Faction Quest - Turning Talazarian
By: Era

You must be neutral to do this quest.
1. Go to the southwest corner of LSP and go down the ladder.
2. Go through the doors on your right. You have to click on them.
3. Talk to the Talazarian Faction Officer.
4. The next part can only be done during the day, between 6am and 6pm dransik time. Type in /time to check the dransik time. When it is daytime, go to Jeel and find Basilia. He is south of Jeel near the water.
5. Steal the documents from Halloway.
6. Return to Basilia.
7. Go back to the same bookstand to place the forged documents.
8. Return to Basilia.
9. Go to Parian through the portal in LSP and go northwest to find Shodum. Talk to him.
10. This next part is kind of difficult for low levels, but it can be done solo at any level with some persistance and skill. You will have to go in a small shack of supply guards; there are like 5 of them, they hit really hard (cut damage), and they respawn pretty fast. If you are level 105+ with good cut resistance gear, you might be able to fight them off. Otherwise, follow these steps: Wait until it is nighttime (6pm to 6am). Go to the bank and strip off all your armor and put everything in your bank. Go to the spawngate in Parian and save your spawn there. Get a walking speed increase from a mage if you can. Go to the entrance of Parian (the one near the LSP portal). Go a little bit to the left, and you will see the supply guard shed. Run in without hesitating and hug the southern wall and click the nearest barrel as quickly as possible. Keep trying until you succeed. If you are high level with good cut resistance and you are going to try to fight them off, then stand in front of the doorway so that only one guard can hit you at a time, and just keep killing them until they're all gone, then you can go in and click the barrel.
11. Return to Shodum.

NK - Talazarian Digmaster
- 1 find map - Reward: 75k xp 
2 collect 25 kudo steaks - 75k epool 
3 find door in cave below - 75k epool 

NK - Injured Digger
- (under NK) injured digger (need to be neutral or talazarian to do) 
1 kill 100 egg scavengers - reward 60k xp 
2 find diggers toe - reward - epool 
3 find pristine basilisk tail - reward epool 
4. kill medukala stonegazer and bring tail - reward epool and GEM OF THE TRUE BELIEVER AMMY 

Dalvon Miner Quests
Location: Eastwatch, Dalvon Mine
Eastwatch is a small village just to the east of Silvest and it watches over the Kobold Fort to the north and the Valley of the Dead to the south. There is a troubled man within the village and his name is Dalvon Miner. Speak to him about the matter and he will tell you of his mine being infested with kobolds and he immediately puts you on his first quest and that is to kill 50 Kobold Miners.

Venture south into the Valley of the Dead and hug the right mountain and you'll run into a ruin and a cave entrance to the mine itself. Inside are spawns of Kobolds, Miners and Foremans. You are looking for just the Kobold Miners and you need to kill 50 of these. Once you kill off the miners, head back to Dalvon Miner and turn in the quest to receive 50,000 experience pool points. He will send you out for another quest and this time, he ask of you to kill 50 Kobold Foremans. For the 2nd quest, you will receive another 50,000 experience points and Gemstone of Dalvon, a necklace that gives +5 STR, +5 DEX, +5 INT and +5 Polearms!

Dalvon will send you for one last quest and that is to kill the boss of the mine, Master Blaster. He's deep in the mine on the 2nd floor. This boss may be 3 times your size but he is really nothing. Kill him and return to Dalvon Miner for the last reward, another 50,000 experience pool points and a special Dalvon Miner's Ring! The ring gives +5 to forging, mining and smelting!

BFD Part 1 - Ring of Lodaru
- By: Flubber
BFD - Lodaru - 60 Hounds of Cerebus 
Talk to Lodaru in the town outside the cave to Broken Finger and he speaks nothing but of those foul hounds and he wants you to kill 60 of them. 
Venture inside the cave and slay 60 of those canines. 
Once you've killed sixty for Lodaru, he will reward you a RING OF LODARU which gives +6 to all stats and a nice 150k epool.

BFD Part 2 - Necklace of Lodaru
- By: Flubber
BFD - Lodaru - kill 100 War Giants 
This quest is only available after you have killed 60 Hounds of Cerebus for Lodaru and it is another counter quest from Lodaru. 
you get NECKLACE and a nice 200,000 experience pool points.

BFD Part 3 - Kidd's Leather Boots
- By: Flubber
BFD - Bobby Kidd - kill 200 Dark Guardians - You get KIDDS LEATHER BOOTS

BFD Part 4 - Kidd's Black Armor
-By: Flubber
BFD - Bobby Kidd - Kill Lord Cerebus 
You can only get to this quest after killing 200 Dark Guardian for Bobby Kidd. This giant canine is found on the 2nd floor of the dungeon and you will need a good party to take him down. Head back to him and he will give you his father's armor, KIDDS BLACK ARMOR. You will also receive a nice 300k epool

Proudblood Traitor Quest
Location: Island west of Chlera
There is an island just west of Chlera. To get there, follow the shore around the water to the western side and go south a bit until you find the a bridge. Walk across it and head for the southeastern part of the island for a Storm Giant Elite NPC named Proudblood Traitor.

This quest is long but luckily it isn't the one where it makes you travel from place to place, well... a little walk and a little peeking around. It is also wise to bring a partner or two to help you taking down one of the foes in this quest.

On the island west of Chlera is a portal and a NPC named Proudblood Traitor. He was once part of the Proudblood group until they betrayed him. He needs his revenge and he ask of you to track the three Proudblood brothers down and if you accept the task, he will give you a chest with three slots to put their heads in it. They are in THAT portal. To enter the portal, you will need the MASTER OF GIANTS rank. If you do not have the rank, start slaying giants (variety of Storm Giants and Ettins are nearby) until you get that rank.

Enter the portal to appear in what is called Proudblood Valley. There are many giants in here including the Proudblood brothers. The Proudblood brothers have the same body of an Storm Giant Elite, so you might get tricked for one. Look for them and their names are Cirrus Proudblood, Stratus Proudblood and Cumulus Proudblood (all first names are name of clouds you see in the sky). Each one spawn randomly at time and if you do see one of them, start attacking him. Once it is dead, you have about 75% chance of it dropping a head and 50/50 chance it might go to you if you are in a party with other members. If you got the head, kill the other two if you see them to get their heads.

Once all three Proudblood heads are in the Proudblood Chest given to you, return to Proudblood Traitor on the island and turn in the chest. The chest shows proof that you killed the brothers for him and he will give you the ProudBlood Crest in return.

That is not the end of the quest! The Proudblood Crest does nothing is useless to you, right? There has to be a reason for this piece of stone. Head to Dunmarrow on the Elven land (south of Josody and Necropolis on the road) and if you search the wood across the road northeast (not across the bridge/river bed), you will find a fenced area with a trap door. Search around inside for an NPC named Arin McKelsey. He knows about the crest and he wants you to go fetch 5 items for him. The 5 items he seeks are shield of an drunk orc, the heart of a slobbering ettin, the root of a rotten tree, the claw of a snaggledtoothed werewolf and finally the teeth of a nasty troll.

After you turn in the chest to Arin McKelsey in the underground cave north of Dunmarrow with all the items he seeks in it, you will receive 500,000 experience points and McKelsey Ring that gives only 15 protection.

Slay the Kobold King
Location: Kobold Fort (north of Silvest)
Just to the right of the fort is a cave and inside is a man named Galen. Speak to him to find out about the kobolds and he has a problem with them. He tell you of a secret passage east of here that leads to the interior of the fort. He also wants you to slay the Kobold King inside the fort for a reward.

Head east and around the mountain and you will go north. You'll walk into a small kobold village and look for a tiny hut with a ladder inside. This is the passage that leads to the fort. Once inside, search for the Kobold King and he may be tough for a low level players but he just might drop a Kobold King Spear for the work.

Once the king is slained, head back to Galen in the cave and show him the proof. He will give you the key to the chest within the cave and you will receive 15,000 experience pool points and Outpost Guard Leggings!

Krog Quests: By: Leah

- Oonga (near spider cave Northeast of town) asks you to find his lost pet Leonard (who likes to hide in barrels). Go to the main government building, left of the entrance is a barrel, click that barrel and you will find Leonard. Return to Oonga for an epool reward (amount?).

Dawat Quests: By: Leah

- Kudah asks you to obtain a poison sac from fireants (south of Dawat). then he asks you to obtain 3 toes from skeletons (on Krog side of bridge, to the right of the lake). next he asks you to find 1 warg pelt (south of parian theres a good spawn). finally he asks you to get the earthly essence from a Goblin Mystic (found around the lake West of Krog). Reward is a choice of Helm, Gloves or Terra Cloak and epool (amount?). [Terra Cloak: No Drop, requires lvl 10 overall, 20 intel, resists %2 nature, %2 poison, %2 disease, gives +5 int. Helm? Gloves?]
- Sweetness (a rooster west of Dawat) asks you for help, talk to Diega in the East Parian Pub. Diega tells you to find a flower that is in the North Parian Garden. Step on the rose and return to Diega. She tells you to return to Sweetness is not sure and epool (amount?) and Gloves of Sleight. [Gloves of Sleight: No Drop, requires lvl 15 overall, gives +3 dex, +2 con.]
- Shargar (near Dawat spawngate) asks you to kill 50 Cultists (west of Dawat, do not kill them too close to Dawat), then 75 Cult Leaders (same area as Cultists), then 100 Thieves (in an abandoned Ale Warehouse near bridge to Chlera/Middle Mainland), then asks you to kill Andreev (thief boss same place as the thieves). Reward is epool (amount?) and the Hero of Dawat amulet. [Hero of Dawat: requires lvl 15 overall, resists 3% cut, 5% nature, gives +4 str, +4 dex, -2 intel, +6con, +25 hp.]
- Hapuna tells you to kill Ghost Willows to get her Amulet, reward is Hapuna's Treasure and epool (amount?). [Hapuna's Treasure: No Drop, requires lvl 40 overall, resists 5% cut, 5% soul, 5%poison, gives +5 to all stats.]

-Theres a "Dewat Worker" on the bridge to the northwest that leads to the battleplains.
He asks you to kill 50 ghosts so he can finish a house on a burial ground.
If you wander too far away from the foundation the ghosts do not count towards your kills.
(maybe bring a range weapon, the small spawn there is seems to love to wander across the water...)
You get epool (did it on a boost sorry) and a rusty workers shovel (no drop with 200 life)

Arda Quests: By: Leah

- Bucky Brown (by tavern) asks you to kill 100 Ogres at Lake Kallon (northeast of Arda). Reward is epool (amount?) and a Plate of the Golem. [Plate of the Golem: requires lvl 60 overall, 70 str, 20 con, -5 int, resists 5% disease, gives +250 hp.]
- Zach Juiluin (middle of town) asks you to kill 100 Golems east of Arda (go east till you find mountains). Reward is epool (amount?) and not sure what else.
- Russel Pikeman (middle of town) asks you to talk to Yukugh Tamilug in Dawat (middle of Dawat). Yukugh asks you to find Tammoch in Valekar Fotress (first floor, direcly south of first water lake). Next he asks you to kill 50 Spectral Orcs (first floor has some throughout). Lastly he asks you to find the invasion book (soon as you enter the ruined town, its in the first room to the left). Reward is epool (amount?) and not sure what else.
- Jenn Talbot (near pub) asks you to kill hobgoblins (northwest of Arda along the north mountainrange) to find her lost shovel. Reward is epool (amount?) and a Rusty Workers Shovel. [Rusty Workers Shovel: No Drop, 200 durability, 200 gold, 8 pounds.]

Hunting Lodge Quest: By: Leah

- Burslord asks you to optain 20 Termigon (found at the Termigon Hive south of Autumn) Stomach Linings. Reward is 40k epool, a polished shell shield and Termigon Battle Mittens. [Polished Shell Shield: requires 30 str and lvl 30 overall, Termigon Battle Mittens: No Drop, resists 4% Blunt, 3% cut, 3% mind and gives +3 to all stats, +15 hp.]
found a Schrute in Silvest, he is in the weapons shop.
He asks you to find his cousin Mose in vrethpool and tell him that his shipment of beet juice is on its way.
Mose is in the inn. He gave me 3,500 epool and then if you talk to him again he sends you northwest to his farm and asks you to gather him some beets. (ten beets, from killing orcs)
He gives 25,000 epool and 10,000 gold.

Redwake!: By: Reviver

- Wilco Thatter: Find Dargoth Redwake's papers. Kill astari inquisitors outside of town till you see the message: "Astari Inquisitor says: 'I gave the papers to an Astari Spy a few minutes ago.'" Kill astari spies till you get the papers then turn into Wilco for 45k Epool.
- Marla Moculous: Gather 100 familiar wings (found south of the town). Reward is a Mystic Robe and 75k epool.

Dunmarrow Quest: By: Unknown

- Henian: find the (Fire) Ant Hive Northwest of Dunmarrow. 30k epool for hoppin into the cave (hole in ground really). to find the ant pit, follow the road out of dunmarrow east at the firsts fork. then you'll come across 2 bends in the road. pit is north of second turn. [thx loth ]

Gully Quest: By: Unknown

- Samual Green: Find Samual Green's fishing pole from Roger in Josody. (I found him on the Josody peer.) Roger says, he wont return the fishing pole unless you get him a new one. Buy a fishing pole (suggest just buy a pole an string cheaper or crafting) and drop it on Roger. reward 6k (7.5k with xp hour) epool. return the fisshing pole to samual and get 12k (15k with xp hour) epool. (yes 2 rewards.) (think i did this quests during power hour :x)
-Scortore: Investigate Thief fort (north west of Gully) for Scortores's stolen knapsack. kill thieves, reward is 25k epool and 2.5k gold.
-Rineguile: Gather 50 swamp slug slime. reward alchemist's stone

Random Quests: By Era and Flubber(thank you)

Kimnuug: Retrieve grain supplies from Farmer Obrien in Gulley. Farmer Obrian tells you Orc Renegade Soldiers have stolen the grain shipments and kill them till you retrieve them. You will need to get 10 grain shipments; return to Kimnuug for your reward, 35k epool.

Access to Badlands Cave
- By: Flubber
Chlera - Elderich - kill 50 Ettins - you pay 20k - When you return, he tells you a rambling story about a dungeon (blc), and then you recieve 15,000 epool.

Ambassador to Krog
-By: Flubber
Krog - Ambassador to Krog - Find Asicrel in Arda - reward: 7500 xp 7500 epool 

Bloody Rag of Rumpda
- Krog - Rumpda 
kill 10 swamp slugs - 2k xp 2k epool and 300 gold 
kill 10 marsh lights - 4k xp 4k epool and 350 gold 
kill 10 lizard men - 6k xp 6k epool and 400 gold 
kill 10 shamblers - 8k xp 8k epool and 600 gold and the BLOODY RAG OF RUMPDA (a ring)

Chief Targon
- By: Flubber
Silvest - Howard Kapps 
1. In Silvest the quest is given out by Howard Kapps. (by bank) He asks you to kill 100 fire ants, and gives 50k epool as reward. 
2. Howard Kapps says find his son's ring, taken by cultists - Reward: 55k epool

Dunaga's Cap
- By: Flubber
Maraket - Dunaga 
Talk to Dunaga east of the fields in Maraket. 
He needs favor done. Go to kobold fort to west. Find Chief, kill him dead. Me sure he has payment on him Bring back payment to me, and I reward you good. 
QUEST RECEIVED: Find the kobold fort, west of Maraket. 
Travel North, out of Maraket, then, travel West. 
You will begin to see kobold spawns increase, until you come across a Kobold Fort. 
Inside of the Chief's Hut, you will find a ladder. 
Travel up it, and look around for the Chief. His spawn rate is unkown, but is usually there on the first try. 
Kill him, he's level 24. 
You will be told you have found a crumpled piece of paper. 
Travel back to Maraket, and chat with Dunaga again. 
You will have two options. He will say he won't pay. You can threaten him by saying "No reward? 
Would you like to taste my blade?" If you say this, you will get 4k epool and DUNAGAS CAP 
Saying the other one will reward you with 5k epool. 

Howard Kaps - Fire Ants
- By: Flubber
Silvest - Howard Kapps 
1. In Silvest the quest is given out by Howard Kapps. (by bank) He asks you to kill 100 fire ants, and gives 50k epool as reward. 
2. Howard Kapps says find his son's ring, taken by cultists - Reward: 55k epool 

-By: Flubber
Whisperdale - Jarkam - Deliver note to Dalvon Miner in Fort Eastwatch - Reward 15k xp and 15k epool

Karter Jons - Kill Kobolds
- By: Flubber
Silvest - Karter Jons 
Karter Jons stands on the paved area on the north of the the Northern Guard outpost directly north of Silvest (1112, 1240) 
1. He tells you to go and kill 50 kobolds round the fort and lake to the east, and to the north west of Eastwatch. When complete he gives you 25k epool 
2. Talk to him again , he will send you off the find 3 pages of the Kobold Invasion plan. 
When you return, you get 55k epool, and he will tell you the pages are unreadable and send you to Wilson Johnson in Hothbra. 
3. Wilson is in the Inn at Hothbra (building top left ). He tells you to go to Guard Captain Lowes in Silvest, usually resident in the northern gate guardroom. IMPORTANT: Before talking to Guard Captain Lowes, make sure that you can beat 25 kobolds. If you can't you should ask someone who can to help you. At this moment, if you fail the quest, you can't try it again. He will tell you that there is a Kobold attack taking place now, and you must kill 10 kobolds in the next 5 minutes. If you now run up the north path out of town, when you are clear of town about 25 kobolds will spawn round you. When you have killed 10, you get a message telling you to return to the guard captain. He will give you a further 40,000 epool, and raise your faction ranking by 500.

Kill 50 Wargs - Warg Eye Amulet
- By: Flubber
Whisperdale - Periza - Kill 50 Wargs 
Return to Periza. She will reward you with 10,000 experience pool and a WARG EYE AMULET

Kill 75 Minotaurs
- By: Flubber
Emporium Abbey - Ragged Traveller - kill 75 minotaurs - Reward: 20 Greater Heal Potions and 65k epool

Kill Ettins - Ettin Snout Ring
- By: Flubber
Vrethpool - Tildias - kill 100 Ettins 
In the town of Vrethpool, find Tildias in the potions shop. 
He will ask you to head north of the town between the shore and the mountains and kill 100 ettins. 
Once completed go back and speak with him and you will be rewarded with 75,000 epool and an ETTIN SNOUT RING.

Kill Fire Ants - Fire Ant Leg Bracers
- By: Flubber
Krog - Haburt - He asks you to go and kill 40 fire ants to help him with this problem - Reward: 2k epool and FIRE ANT LEG BRACERS

Kill Ghosts - Eastwatch Holy Relic
- By: Flubber
Eastwatch - Father Augustan - Kill 75 Ghosts around Dalvon mines. - Reward is EASTWATCH HOLY RELIC (no drop) and 55k E-pool.

Kill Horned Ones and Dunkelklinge
- By: Flubber
Hell - cave right side - Riis Thornsright - 
1. kill 200 horned ones - reward ? epool 
2. kill dunkelklinge - reward

Kill Minotaurs - Boots of the Traveller
- By: Flubber
Emporium Abbey - Maid Nelly - Go to river to west and find Minotaur who stole locket - Reward: 65k epool and BOOTS OF THE TRAVELLER

Kill Umbergon - Termigon Eye Ring
- By: Flubber
Ethera - Umbergon Quest 
kill Umbergon. Umbergon is on the 2nd level of the Ethera Palace Termigon Cave.
She will award another 25,000 epool and give you a TERMIGON EYE RING (no drop).

Mushroom Land
- By: Flubber
Mushroom Land Cave - Ancient Wizard 
This is a long quest that takes place in Mushroom Land, and require you to be fairly high level (60+ at least), and need a party for two of the boss kills. 
1; Talk to the Ancient Wizard he tells you to find a stem. 
When you receive a message QUEST COMPLETE: You have found a stem. Return to the wizard for 250,000 epool. 
2; Slay King Mack Mack. King Mack Mack is a large frog with about 4000 health, and has a guardian as well Mack Mack's Guardian. 
When he is killed everyone in party gets the credit for quest completion. Return to the wizard for 500,000 epool, and the third part of the quest. 
3; Talk to the Mushroom Farmer. He is located on a small island on the southwest tip of the swamp, through a portal. 
Talk to the farmer, and he asks you to get 5 decayed mushroom caps. Then go to the undead mushrooms area again: follow the swamp southwest again till you see Undead Fungoids and Undead Fungoid Wizards. Wizards dont drop decayed mushroom caps. 
When you will see this message: QUEST UPDATE: You have found a Decayed Mushroom Cap (6) this means you have found the 1st decayed mushroom cap (the count is bugged). 
Keep killing till you get to (10), thats not it yet you, will need one more, upon which you will get: QUEST COMPLETE: 
You have found 5 Decayed Mushroom Caps. Return to the Wzard and he will give you 100,000 epool, and the last part of the quest. 
4; Talk to the Ancient Wizard, and he tells you to slay Deathcap. He has about 1,5k hp more than King Mack Mack, but has no guardian. 
Also, he can't be rooted, but can be paralysed, although highly resistant. When you have slayed Deathcap there is a portal north west of the island Deathcap spawns on to return back to the Mushroom cave. When you arrive at the wizard he gives you 500,000 epool.

Ring of Sozal
- By: Flubber
Silvest (north of ) - Sozal - Sozal Cave Quests - 
Sozal stands outside a cave north of Silvest on the far side of the mountain at coords 1126,1156. He will give you two quests in succession. 
1. Kill 40 Cave Slugs (level 11, about 150 hp) Rewards: 45,000 experience pool.
2. Kill 50 Cave spiders (level 8 125 hp) Rewards: 50,000 experience pool and RING OF SOZAL 

- By: Flubber
Silvest - Schrute - Silvest weapon shop - Tell Mose in vrethpool about beet harvest - go find Mose Beets - Reward: 25k xp 25k epool and 10000 gold

Spore Summoner
- Werewolf Island - Spore Summoner Quest 
On WWI (werewolf island), there is a Cave in the mountains surrounding the town. 
It is to the east of the town lycanth in a little inlet. 
In the cave is a old portal and an NPC miner. 
Find a guide to take you through the first two levels and protect you at the third so you can talk with him. 
He wonders where the portal leads and asks you to seek out a man called Terrance Jaffy in Parian. 
He is in the first house south of the eastern parian bank. 
Talk to him and he tells you that he thinks that the portal and the "were" problem are related. 
He asks you to find a Werewolf Matriarch Skull. 50k epool 
Go back to werewolf island and kill Matriarchs until you get a quest completed notice. 
You have found the skull, now head back to Terrance in Parian. 150k exp for you! 
Terrance sends you to find Darius Kyle in Arda to deliver a potion recipe. 
He is in the room north of the magic and potions shop. Deliver the recipe. Reward: 50k epool 
He gives you the potion and tells you to deliver it to Franklin Anders, on werewolf island. 
He lives in the hut above the graveyard on the east side of Lycanth. Reward: 150k epool 
He tells you that if you kill the spore summoner you might cure the "were" curse. 
The spore summoner is in the land through the portal in the cave (which you can now enter). 
Return to Franklin Anders Reward: 500k epool 
Find Trevor jopkins ? hes in cemetery south west of nk 
Quest: Slay the 3 enemies of Lotor: Fetch scalos brains, meklors head and guts of Hugla 
Find Trevor ? reward: ??? 

Valekar's Fortress (long)
-By: Flubber
Dawat - Valekar's Fortress Quest 
You must read Kongodo's journal outside Valekar's Fortress at (3100,3479) before starting quest in Dawat. 
You will first be sent to find Kongodo's brother Moklad, you will be sent to talk to Moklad's wife Jeqa in Samad. 
She will tell you that he went bat hunting somewhere east of town. You will find Moklad's journal at (2884,3498) surrounded by some low level undead. 
Return to Jeqa in Samad with your discovery. You will earn 250xp and told to go tell Kongodo in Dawat the bad news. 
When you reach Dawat, talk to Kongodo again, you will earn 400xp and be asked to send his condolences to Jeqa. 
You will earn another 500xp when you go back to Samad, and will now be ready to start the real Valekar's Fortress Quest. 
Kongodo will now tell you of some perculiar happenings taking place south of Dawat. 
He is refering to Valekar's Fortress. 
Your first objective will be to find evidence of a mysterious portal. 
He is refering a location deep inside the fortress, refered to as the star or the pent, which is on floor 3. 
Read up on the Fortress before venturing inside, there are many tough monsters that may require you to have a party. 
When you make it to the portal, there is a chest off to the side (3225,3522), when you click this chest you will get the message telling you that you have found what you were looking for. You can now return to Kongodo. 
Kongodo will be unable to read the scroll you've brought him, due to it being in a mystical language. 
He will tell you to seek out Lord Kargoth in the Crypt of Jeel. If you have done Guildquest Book 1 already, you will have seen him before, if not, travel to Jeel. The easiest way to get to Lord Kargoth is by entering Jeel Crypt to the East of town at (293,833). once inside, head south through two doors, then go through the fake wall in the southeast corner of the room. 
Lord Kargoth will be unable to read the scroll as well, and will send you to locate 4 items to enable him to read it. 
You will need to find 1 Rune of Amplify (Isos), 2 Malacinth Fabric, 5 Brimidian Ingots, and a book inside the Tzeriths Mine at (3000, 3056). 
Runes of Amplify (Isos) are dropped by many monsters, check the Bestiary for Rune dropping monsters. 
Malacinth seeds can be found by a level 25 Forager, then they must be planted to produce Flax, spun into Twine, and woven into Fabric. 
Brimidian Ore can be found by a level 45 Miner, then they must be smelted to produce Ingots. 

Travel to Parian and head west out of town to get to Tzeriths Mine where you will find the book you need for Lord Kargoth. 
Once inside, head left down the 1st cooridor, then down, left, down, right, down, left, up, left, down, and left. 
You will find a chest (3329,3207), when you click on the chest, you will recieve a message telling you that you have found the book. 
You are now ready to head back to Jeel and talk to Lord Kargoth again. 
Lord Kargoth will take the items (for 14,1k experience and 14,1k epool) and perform a ritual and be able to read the scroll you found earlier inside Valekar's Fortress. He will tell you to seek out Meklor in the depths of the Fortress, Inform you of the ritual to enter the portal, and give you a purple candle, the key to the portal ritual (this is not an actual item). 
Head back to Dawat and speak with Kongodo again. 
He will listen to what Lord Kargoth told you, and encourage you to go ahead and seek out Meklor, but will inform you that he is too busy to go with you. 
~~~~~~~~~~~~guide unfinished~~~~~~~~~~~  

Varios' Timepiece
- By: Flubber
Whisperdale - Varios's - 
Quest 1: Slay 25 shadows 
Quest 2:To the east lies a hive of termigons. Their queen has taken my timepiece deep underground... Find this hive, kill the queen and return my timepiece! 
reward: ?

-By: Flubber
Krog - Warrog in the Temple of Ulthien - kill a kobold, a snake, and a bat return to Warrog for 500 experience points.

Young William
-By: Flubber
Cliffside - Young William - find his missing father - about 2k pool exp.

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